What Sisterhood is to me...

I can’t complain about high school because I honestly enjoyed it more than most. I was decently outgoing, had a solid group of friends, and walked the halls proudly with a smile on my face. Hidden beneath all of that I was struggling, and later to find out slowly killing myself. I struggled with  anorexia that controlled every aspect of my life. My relationship with my friends slowly deteriorated, my childhood dream of playing college softball was out the door, and I was mentally and physically exhausted. I pushed everyone away from me and refused to accept that I had a problem. Soon enough people just gave up on trying to help me because I was stubborn as can be. Anorexia took over my life and made me a different person; My family couldn’t go to outings without someone asking if I was sick, my thoughts were consumed by exercise or restricting, and lord did I have terrible mood swings (or as some like to call it “hangry”). I had lost the bubbly person who I was.

When I decided to come to Clemson I wanted a fresh start. Considering half of my high school comes to this University, I knew it wouldn’t be easy. I made the choice to rush a sorority, and I later learned that this was the best decision I would ever make.

I grew up with the preconceived idea that a sorority is nothing but a bunch of sociable girls that care way too much about their appearance and “pay for their friends”.  If that were the case, this is the best damn money I have ever spent.

After going through rush I had received a bid from Alpha Chi Omega that led me to a group of 11 best friends, and now sisters. For them it was not hard to pick up on the fact that I had an eating disorder considering I was 81 lbs and only ate pineapple. Within the first month of knowing these girls they sprung into action and didn’t give up on me. I was first in denial but they did everything they possibly could to help me accept that I had a problem and get the help I needed, even if it almost got me kicked out of school, literally.

I never asked them to sit with me for hours while I tried to stomach a sufficient meal. I never asked them to hold me accountable for eating 3 times a day. I never asked them to help calm me down during anxiety attacks. I never asked them to check in on me every single day and just be there for me to talk to when I was having a rough time. I never asked them for help in the first place. I barely knew these women but they ultimately saved my life and never gave up on me.

That is what a sisterhood is. That is what Alpha Chi Omega is.


Brooke Stroyke