A Summer of Service

We are grateful to be surrounded by Real.Strong.Women who have hearts for service and philanthropy. This summer, over twenty-five of our sisters dedicated their time to serve others. Many of these sisters volunteered overseas, from Costa Rica, to the Dominican Republic, to Thailand.

An unfortunate trend throughout a few of their experiences was the role that domestic violence played in the communities they served. The sisters who encountered it in their work echoed the sentiment that working with patients affected by domestic violence overseas has only deepened their commitment to supporting the fight against domestic violence in our local Clemson community.

Learn more about some of our sisters' experiences below...!

A group of Alpha Chi Omegas spent their time volunteering in Costa Rica. They set up free medical clinics in Costa Rican communities and went house-to-house to educate the local individuals and families on health-related issues. Their work also involved gathering census information so that the communities can be better served in the future. In the words of our sister Brenna, "If someone asked me to go back today, I wouldn't hesitate to drop everything and return."

Zoe, a rising senior and our Vice President of Risk Management, travelled to the Dominican Republic where worked at free hospitals in the country, shadowing their doctors. She spent two weeks in the labor and delivery section of the hospital, and her last week in neurosurgery. One of her favorite moments was having the opportunity to deliver a baby to her mom who had just had a cesarian. 

Rising junior Liv travelled to Thailand with a program called GIVE. While she was there, she taught English in schools, worked on a farm, and helped build roads. Looking back on the two weeks she spent there, what she appreciates most is the opportunity that she had to disconnect from life at home and be completely present in the moment. 

Lastly, rising sophomore Allie spent two weeks in Guatemala with the Clemson chapter of Vida Volunteer. Alongside members of the Greek community, she helped doctors, dentists and veterinarians set up clinics for individuals and families without access to these types of care. What she loved most about her experience was the opportunity it gave her to do what she loves most: help people. 

We're grateful to call these amazing women sisters! 


Brooke Stroyke