Friendship: Not Four Years, but For Life

By Bri Cacace, Junior Pledge Class

Growing up, my favorite place to be was always my home. I loved my little beach town, being near my family, and I especially loved spending time with the same group of girls I had known my whole life. I was sure that I could never call another place “home.” Nevertheless, a college education called my name, and yes, Clemson University called my name!

For the first couple of days, it felt like I had been dropped off at a foreign summer camp that I would leave after a week. The twin XL bed, the community bathroom, and the overall lack of familiarity was of course intimidating at first. But before I knew it, recruitment launched, and I stepped through the welcoming doors of Alpha Chi Omega.  

No doubt, joining Alpha Chi Omega changed my life. It is truly hard to describe what the lifelong friendships I have made mean to me. Without Alpha Chi Omega, I wouldn’t have gone to every single midnight breakfast during finals week and filled up on enough pancakes and bacon to help survive the rest of the week. I wouldn’t have gone to countless Werk-It hip-hop sessions at Fike, even when I am probably the worst dancer in the room (still have not mastered the body-roll). And above all, I wouldn’t have found three out-of-this-world roomies for my Junior year. From watching the Tigers win the National Championship together, to living in Washington DC together for the summer to intern, I am constantly surrounded by a group of kindhearted, trustworthy, unfailing ladies.  

Today, not much has changed, my home is still my favorite place. The only difference is, my “home” is no longer my backyard. My home is now 300 miles away in Clemson, South Carolina with my best friends and sisters of Alpha Chi Omega.

Brooke Stroyke